Yeah!There are many scandals in South Korea:


At the Asian Games held in Seoul in 1986, the Koreans sent 187 waitresses to the Asian Games Village unkindly to seduce Chinese and Japanese athletes. The Chinese team had strict discipline and no one made a big mistake. Many athletes in the Japanese team succeeded in the trick because they couldn\’t stand loneliness, which made their scores plummet.


During the 2002 World Cup between South Korea and Japan, it was well known that South Korea bought off the referee. In the match between Italy and South Korea in the eighth finals, it attacked the Italians and Spaniards with a black whistle.



The specific details can be found that the referee not only unexpectedly blew away the obvious good ball of the Italian team, but also turned a blind eye to tieweikoko\’s elbow bleeding. Therefore, the 2002 World Cup is regarded as one of the darkest events of FIFA. It can be said that this is a shame that South Korea can never wash away, or they don\’t think it is a shame at all.


In the women\’s 1500 meter final of the 2006 Turin Olympic Games, three South Koreans risked fouls to interfere with Wang Meng, who took the lead.


At the 2009 World Cup in Japan, South Korean players pushed the helmet of Chinese athlete Zhou Yang, which caused the latter to fall off the runway due to gravity and hit his head on the fence.


In the women\’s 1000m semi-final of the 2010 short track speed skating world championships, Zhou Yang, who appeared in the first round of individual events, was brought down by South Korean player Park Shengyi, and the opponent\’s skate fell directly on Zhou Yang\’s ankle. Finally, Zhou Yang was carried out of the field on a stretcher.

2010年短道速滑世锦赛女子1000米半决赛,个人项目第一轮出场的周洋被韩国选手朴胜义带倒 对方的冰刀直接落在了周洋脚踝上 最终周洋被担架抬出赛场。


In the 2014 Asian Ice Hockey League match, a South Korean player knocked Zhang Cheng to the ground in a malicious collision near the midfield. Zhang Cheng tried to find the other party\’s theory behind him, but being pushed, bumped, provoked and even fought by the other party is a common scene in the professional ice rink.


Zhang Cheng therefore waved his fist and beat the other party wildly. The South Korean team members\’ center of gravity was unstable, so they could only hold Zhang Cheng in a corner and resist. Seeing that Zhang Cheng completely suppressed the South Korean team members, the referee had to separate them. The South Korean team members seemed very unconvinced. However, because they couldn\’t beat Zhang Cheng, it was worth persuading them to leave under the persuasion of their teammates.


At the closing ceremony of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, Korean athletes irradiated the Chinese audience and leaders with a laser pen. Is this something that normal people can do?


In the quarter finals of the men\’s badminton team of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, in order to win, the South Korean team deliberately changed the air conditioning wind of the venue to affect the play of the Japanese team. The South Korean team finally won 3-2.


In the 2010-2011 season of Short Track Speed Skating World Cup, in the final sprint stage of the competition, Han Jialiang and Kim Byung Joon of South Korea made physical contact while competing for position. Both of them fell out of the track.


Kim Byung Joon first fell to the baffle on the outside track. He stretched out his legs, and the skate was facing Han Jialiang. Intentionally or unintentionally, he \”waited\” for Han Jialiang to fall. Under the huge inertia, Han Jialiang bumped his body into Jin Bingjun\’s double foot skate. On the spot, his body was cut by the sharp skate, and his blood stained the ice rink red.


At the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, taekwondo athlete Jones hit his opponent 86 times and his opponent 32 times. With such obvious advantages, the referee awarded the gold medal to the then host South Korea.


In the gymnastics competition of the 2002 Busan Asian Games, South Korea wanted to increase the number of gold medals because of concerns about the strength of other countries (such as China and Japan), and three people tied for the championship on the high bar for the first time! Because 20 of the 42 judges are Korean.


At the end of the match between Chinese Taipei and South Korea in the 1997 East Asian Games in Busan, the remaining game time was secretly transferred by the South Korean from 10.9 seconds to 1 minute ago. Fortunately, this small hand was discovered by the Taipei team, which did not let the Korean plot succeed.


In the badminton match of the Asian Games in Seoul in 1998, the referee unilaterally supported the South Korean players. At that time, the Chinese team was competing for the best male badminton player among the four trumps, but it was almost collapsed by the referee\’s judgment because it often found a fair ball and finally let the South Korean win.



What we are talking about now is the pure Olympic Games, but many multimedia reports intentionally or unintentionally guide the audience\’s emotions. The power of a country\’s media system does have a great impact on the views of its people.


I don\’t know what people in other countries think of the so-called \”fairness\” in the Olympic Games. For the Chinese people, we respect it very much. We will not punish athletes without evidence (video or other visible evidence), and the Chinese media do not always blindly defend our country, because fairness and justice come first in front of sports events.



By the way, Chinese audiences are not ignorant of sports. Over the years, especially after the Beijing Olympic Games, we have cultivated many sports lovers and experienced coaches. They focus on the Olympic Games and other major events, know the relevant rules very well, and don\’t try to deceive them.


They are also watching the game. They can see what happened in the game. They can\’t stand being cheated, so it\’s extremely wrong for South Korea to do this and pretend that we don\’t know, which can only lead to protests and complaints.


If we do make a mistake, we never deny it and face it calmly, but if you say that an athlete should be punished when pushed from behind by another athlete, if you say that the mistakes of others should be borne by us, sorry, we can\’t accept it and won\’t bear it.


In addition, no one\’s hard work should be ignored. Koreans can be proud of their athletes, but they should also be ashamed of their dirty means, but it may be difficult for them to do so now.



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